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Ginger Cottages
Ginger Cottages by Glenn A. Crider - Handmade in the USA

One of the greatest joys of the Christmas holidays is the magic of discovery...

These loveable little handmade wooden cottages are designed to accept a standard miniature tree light bulb to reveal a special 'surprise' inside.

Throughout the collection you’ll find all sorts of secrets… Here are some of the secrets revealed!

•Gingerbread Cottage - You’ll find Santa standing in the window. If you look closely there’s a stocking and tree hidden in the stones on the walkway.

•Christmas Chapel – Prince Charles and Lady Diana are about to be married. Can you find the wedding bells? A heart can be broken but once… Can you find the single heart?

•Sweet Treats Bakery – There’s a ginger man on every cottage. Can you find him on the bakery? How many loaves of bread are fresh and ready?

•Yesterday’s Toys – There are 2 Santa Nutcrackers in this cottage.

•Did you know that the designer of Ginger Cottages also designed the 2008 Christmas Stamps for the United States Postal Service?

•Train Depot – What time does the Santa Train arrive? Who is checking his watch to see what time it is?

•The first 5 cottages were released in limited quantities in 2010. What's missing on each of these first 5 cottages that are present on all the others?

•Santa’s Workshop – What day is it? Can you find the Christmas Lights? What’s hidden on the sidewalk? Can you find 4 snowflakes?

•Nutcracker Shop – Who is Drosselmeyer? How many nutcrackers can you find?

•Santa Train – Can you find the Candy Cane? The nutcracker (found in many other buildings) was actually a postmark that was available only one day in Richmond, Virginia in 2008. Why?

•Clock Tower – Hickory, Dickory, Dock. Can you find two mice on the clock? Where is the Ginger Man? Can you find some cheese for the mice?

•Ginger Man Mill – Can you find all 33 ginger men on the mill?

•Covered Bridge – Over the river and through the woods… the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh… What day is it? Can you find the 2 ginger men?

•Country Store – Can you find all 4 ginger men? We haven’t been able to play checkers in years… Can you find the missing checker?

•Ginger Mint Mill – Candy only! Can you find all 5 ginger men? Hint… one fellow broke the rule.

•Santa’s Reindeer Barn – What song must every reindeer know? Can you find 9 ginger men? Who is in the barn and where are the other 8?

•Corks & Curds – What are the two ginger men doing?

•Windmill - Can you find two tulips? Can you find a pair of wooden shoes? Can you find a Dutch Girl's Hat? Can you find Don Quixote’s Shield? His lance? What do the Dutch words 'Vrolijk Kerstfees' mean?

• Goody Gum Drop Shop - Can you find 12 different kinds of candy? Can you find all 21 gumdrops? Can you find all 27 candy hearts? Can you find all 6 Ginger Men? This is the first appearance of Ginger Girl. Can you find all 4?

• Santa’s Sleigh Station - Can you find all 8 Ginger Men? What is Santa’s favorite drink? How much does Sleigh fuel cost at the North Pole? Can you find the one Ginger Girl?

•Lighthouse – Can you find the telescope? The compass? The oar? The skull and crossbones? The hand shadow? The pirate’s eye patch and hat?

•North Pole Engine Co. #1 – How many fireman hats can you find? Where’s the dog? Can you find the two gingerbread men?

•Elf Academy – Can you find the ruler? The Christmas tree? The stocking? The apple? The pencil? What’s the homework?

These are just a few of the secrets… Explore your cottages to find more!

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